How does this work?

All workshops will be delivered online using Zoom. You can join the Zoom meeting on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Simply follow these easy steps to register and attend the Virtual Conference:

Step What to do
1 - Pick your workshops Browse the Convention website to find the workshops that you are interested in. Click the button to add a workshop to 'My Workshops'.
2 - Complete the registration Click the Register NOW! link in the menu to start the registration process. Enter your email address and follow the steps to complete the registration.
3 - Receive a confirmation email You will receive a confirmation email. Check your Spam folder if the email can not be found in the inbox.
4 - Receive the access information Shortly before the Convention as well as on the day of the Convention you will receive emails and/or text messages with the information on how to access the keynote as well as the workshops you had registered for.
5 - Access the Keynote If you have registered for the Keynote follow the instructions on how to access the Keynote.
6 - Access the Workshops For each workshop follow the instructions provided.